Anabolic Steroids – In this booklet you will find advice for injecting Anabolic Steroids and safe injecting guidelines. You will also find information about how Anabolic Steroids work and some information about the risks and side effects. Download Booklet
Filtering Drugs – This booklet provides a guide to filtering and gives an overview of the different types of filters and which ones are recommended for specific drugs. Download Booklet
Injecting and Your Health – Injecting is one of the riskiest ways to use drugs. The information in this booklet will advise you of ways to reduce these risks. Download Booklet
Meth (Methamphetamine) – The information in this booklet will tell you what Methamphetamine is, the effects, risks and tips for safer injecting. Download Booklet
Opioids – This booklet will provide you with information on the various opioids injected in New Zealand as well as tips on safer injecting. Download Booklet
Veintenance – The information in this booklet will tell you what you need to know about safer injecting and taking care of your veins. Download Booklet